YETI® Coolers, Are They Worth It?

Summer time is in full swing and you had a great weekend out on the boat but one of your buddies got too excited about getting his beer out of the cooler and ripped the lid right off the hinges and now you are trying to figure out whether you should repair it or replace it with a YETI.  We have all been there and its not an easy decision but hopefully this pro and con list will help you with your decision


  • They really do keep ice for 8-10 days, even in the south Florida heat.  (We have left drinks and ice in our cooler, forgot about them and come back out to the boat the next weekend and we still have ice cold drinks)
  • You don't have to worry about all of the little components breaking, the hinges, latches and handles are all heavy duty and designed to last a lifetime.  We haven't had any break on us yet and we have had ours for 4 years now. 
  • Footprint is similar if not exactly the same as most sizes of igloo so you can fit the yeti under the leaning post.
  • They have a great 5 year warranty so if something does happen to it, they take care of it. 
  • They look great


  • They are much heavier than an Igloo, while that's not much of an issue on smaller models, when you get to the 110gal and up, it is a two strong adult job to lift a full cooler on and off the boat. 
  • They cost 3 to 4 times more than an igloo of the same size.  (However, they will also last 3-4 times longer too)
  • All of the yeti accessories are pricier than igloos accessories, they do appear to be made better, but do cost more. 

I hope this helped clear up some questions, and feel free to come into our store and take a look for yourself.  We have both YETI® and Igloo and you can see them side by side. 


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I am looking for a 65 Seafoam Green Cooler-Do you have one? I understand it has been discontinued-thought you may have one in your inventory.

Debbie Loizides September 13, 2020

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